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Movement is medicine. There is a path to recovery.

Identify and address the root cause

I will perform a comprehensive evaluation to identify the source of your symptoms. This may include testing oculomotor and vestibular function, balance and sensory integration, coordination, strength, and aerobic capacity. 

Plan your unique path forward

We will work together to develop a treatment plan unique to your condition and geared towards your specific goals. My number one priority is to get you better, and sometimes that requires more than physical therapy. I will connect you to other professionals to get the comprehensive care you need.

Take control of
your healing

Your success often directly correlates to your consistency with appointments and compliance with your home program. I will help you understand your condition, create a plan to manage it, and identify helpful resources along the way. We then work together to implement the plan.


Neurologial Recovery


Our vestibular system tells us where we are in space and in which direction we are moving. When it is not functioning optimally you can get sensations of dizziness, spinning (vertigo), being off-balance, and fogginess. Vestibular rehabilitation can greatly improve or completely resolve many of these symptoms using evidence-based and individually-tailored exercises that re-educate the vestibular system to process information accurately, adapt to specific triggers which cause your symptoms, and integrate fluidly with other sensory systems. Remember, being dizzy is not normal. I am here to help. Learn more


Recovery from neurological events, such as a stroke or brain injury, requires specialized  therapy and often a multi-disciplinary team approach. I am a neurological physical therapist and have designed my practice to cater to the unique needs of this population by:

  • Using a Body-Weight Supported Treadmill System to implement High Intensity Gait Training, the latest and most compelling evidence in neurological recovery.

  • Offering home visits for patients who are physically unable to travel to my clinic.

  • Working for you beyond your appointment times to coordinate care with other providers and connect you to the appropriate speciality services necessary in your recovery.


Symptoms post-concussion can persist weeks, months, or even years after the event due to nervous system dysregulation, vestibular and vision issues, neck pain, increased inflammation, or emotional stress. I will work with you to find the sources of your persisting concussive symptoms and, should you need help beyond my expertise, connect you to the right professionals. I also collaborate with coaches, athletic trainers, teachers, and employers in implementing safe and progressive return to play, learn, and work protocols. Learn More


Baseline testing includes assessment of a person's oculomotor, vestibular, and balance function prior to sustaining a concussion. Without a baseline, people may return to their sport or hobby too early and, in the event of sustaining another concussion, suffer more long-term or permanent symptoms. After successful treatment of concussion, we re-test these same components to compare to your baseline and help determine when you are fully recovered and safe to return to your previous activities. Learn More


Remaining balanced is a complex skill involving multiple sensory systems including: the vestibular system, vision, sensation, and even hearing. When one of these sensory systems is weakened due to age, injury, or disease, we can feel off balance. I will identify which system(s) may be weak and provide strategies and exercises on how to strengthen and integrate these systems more efficiently in order to optimize your balance in a specific sport or hobby, prevent falls, or just feel more confident. Learn more



90 minutes

60 minutes

Too dizzy to drive?
Telehealth services are available.
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I am an out-of-network provider and do not contract with Medicare nor private insurance. If you are NOT a Medicare beneficiary, your private insurance may assist you with payment for your sessions.

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