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I'm Dr. Brooke Lindsley, owner and sole provider of Whidbey Dizziness & Balance. I earned my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University Washington School of Medicine and went on to become a Competency Certified Vestibular Therapist through the American Physical Therapy Association and Duke University. I am passionate about all things neurological which has led me to seek advanced training in the fields of concussion and vision rehabilitation. When not with my patients, I have the privilege of teaching future physical therapists in the UW doctoral program. 

After years of working in outpatient clinics and inpatient hospitals, I noticed a lack of outpatient physical therapy clinics dedicated to serving the unique multidisciplinary needs of patients with neurological concerns. With this in mind, I started Whidbey Dizziness & Balance with the vision of providing highly specialized neurological physical therapy without sacrificing quality due to non-clinical constraints imposed by insurance providers. At Whidbey Dizziness & Balance, I put your needs at the center of all clinical decisions, spend uninterrupted time with you without the use of aides or assistants, and work for you beyond your scheduled appointments to coordinate care with other specialists critical in your recovery. 

I find great fulfillment in seeing my patients get back to enjoying their lives, whether that be competing in their sport, feeling confident in their hobbies, or just moving better. I do this by leveraging current, ​​evidence-based interventions while actively integrating emerging techniques so that I can deliver treatment based on how your body responds best. I emphasize patient education throughout my care to ensure you have a clear understanding of your condition and the strategies needed to take control of your healing.

Outside of work I like to be outside as much as possible. If I'm not swimming Mutiny Bay with my husband, I'm probably hiking with our dog, gardening (at least attempting to), or tap dancing!

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