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Proudly serving the Whidbey community as the island's only physical therapy clinic specializing solely in vestibular rehabilitation, concussion care, and balance. 

Freeland, Washington

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Specialized therapy to reduce dizziness and imbalance from inner ear dysfunction, brain injury, aging, or other causes.

Concussion REcovery

Baseline testing and targeted treatment to resolve dizziness, imbalance, vision, and coordination deficits post-concussion.

balance optimization

Individualized exercises to optimize your balance for fall prevention, sports, recreation, or life.

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"Brooke gave me the hope that I could recover from my concussion. She helped me come up with a plan of how to get my life back. She listened to me, encouraged me, and cared about me getting better."
- Linda S.
"Our brains renew themselves throughout life to an extent previously not thought possible." 
 - Michael S. Gazzaniga
Neuron with multiple axons