Proudly serving the Whidbey community as the island's only physical therapy clinic specializing solely in vestibular rehabilitation, concussion care, and balance. 

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Freeland, Washington

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Specialized therapy to reduce dizziness and imbalance from inner ear dysfunction, brain injury, aging, or other causes.

Concussion REcovery

Baseline testing and targeted treatment to resolve dizziness, imbalance, vision, and coordination deficits post-concussion.

balance optimization

Individualized exercises to optimize your balance for fall prevention, sports, recreation, or life.

Photo of Dr. Brooke Lindsley

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Competency Certified Vestibular Therapist
Concussion Recovery Specialist

"I wholeheartedly am recommending Dr. Brooke Lindsley to become your personal PT doctor. As a cerebellar stroke survivor, she used various treatments for the unique effects and issues of my stroke. Brooke is extremely knowledgeable of the latest information and treatment protocols for each specific case. She will be personally dedicated to all of the medical options and best practices that will maximize your progress. I always felt challenged and encouraged after having had a rehab session with Brooke. She has been a very special inspiration on my journey to recovery."
- Craig J.
"Our brains renew themselves throughout life to an extent previously not thought possible." 
 - Michael S. Gazzaniga
Neuron with multiple axons